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Unlocking new revenue streams

Grow revenue with our easy to integrate CTV ad solution.


Hoppr generates new advertising opportunities without interrupting entertainment experiences

Ads that enhance the entertainment experience
Data-driven alignment to TV ad campaigns
New ad formats that add value for the viewer
New ad space unlocked across the platform

Customers want personalisation and are willing to share info to get it.


We help create products that advertisers want


Common audience based buy and measurement across network (instream, outstream, TV, mobile, web, companion app).


Complete context aware brand and performance offering video, display, rich media, interactive sponsorship, interactive and applets.


Flexible, future proof solution with standard ad industry interfaces.

You bring the viewers we do the rest


HopprTV’s technology creates new ad placements within the navigation menu.


HopprTV’s analytics and data capabilities enable rich audience segmentation and targeting.


End-to-end ad sales process, or support for internal sales teams.

Monetisation across multiple screens

Seamless digital ad solution across any device. Choose how you work with us.

monetisation across multiple screens

Hoppr is your revenue growth partner

Key features of the technology:

  • Effortless to integrate.
  • Works with any device (STB, Smart TV, iOS, Android).
  • Generate out of the box revenue.
  • Data privacy compliant.

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Global strategic partnerships with leading media and technology industry players. Hoppr accelerates time to revenue due to our deep connections into the global advertising ecosystem.

Partner with Hoppr and plug into our built-in demand.

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A global footprint with localised expertise in major international markets. Hoppr has a world-class team and the experience to generate new revenue streams for you.

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Increase customer engagement with our innovative formats


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Turnkey patent pending technology for seamless digital ad insertion across any TV user interface. Hoppr’s platform encompasses all functions from tech, ad sales, ad operations and measurements.