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Increase your profitability

  • Participate in digital ad revenue streams.
  • Understand what your users really want.
  • Build engaged audiences.

A flexible and insightful advertising revenue solution

Convert idle TV screen space into advertising inventory.
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Coordinate sale of inventory to programmatic and other media buyers.
Remotely serve advertising assets to TV platform.
New revenue streams for Network Service Providers.

Hoppr is reimagining the way advertising is delivered on PayTV

  • People love ads that are relevant to them. 
  • Control the advertising experience.
  • Generate rich media experiences and boost engagement.

New business models

Bolt on a new revenue stream.

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Improving customer experience

Create ads that bring value to customers.


Next level audience data

Hyper-targeted campaigns for audience segments.


Generate insights
& revenue instantly

Hoppr is ready to go with no development required.

  • Zero intrusion into the video player.
  • No SDK required.
  • No head end integration.