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Buy CTV ads at scale

HopprTV offers innovative, interactive formats beyond traditional CTV video ads. Extensive first party data allows you to connect with your target audience. Regardless of what they watch or when they watch.


Reach customers when they are receptive to your message

  • Brand-safe premium inventory.
  • Rich, first party data for sophisticated audience targeting.
  • Creative, interactive ad formats.
  • Wherever audiences go, HopprTV can follow.

HopprTV makes advertising interactive in the living room


Delivering ads across the whole marketing funnel.

Awareness Brand campaigns in a digital environment

Video ads
Ads anywhere on the screen

Interstitial/full screen ads
If the TV is on the ad is being served

Interactive ads
Place products directly into the home


Engagement Mechanisms to increase engagement

Banner ads
Clickable digital ads

QR Codes
Direct pathway to a CTA

Interactive ads
Turning the audience from passive to active

Conversion Drive conversions directly from the TV

App Download ads
Direct response to images on screen

Shoppable ads
Purchase directly from the TV screen

Shoppable TV
See something on TV, mechanism to buy it


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Turnkey patent pending technology for seamless digital ad insertion across any TV user interface. Hoppr’s platform encompasses all functions from tech, ad sales, ad operations and measurements.