Don’t be the tortoise – come hang with the hare

We’ve created unique interactive ad serving technology that can extend clients reach into mobile, give deeper integration and be delivered across live broadcast.

hoppr is the marketing and commercialisation vehicle for OTT Video platforms that add value where it’s never been added to before. Simply, we give you the chance to take existing video content (or heck, let’s create some new stuff together) and give consumers a new way to interact with your brand. They like it. They touch it. They learn it. They buy it. We’ll add this new, innovative tool across all of your digital assets including website, banner ads, social media portals and intranet. We understand the importance of building communication platforms that create powerful experiences, connecting consumers to brands through data driven research and creative excellence. We know slow and steady won’t win the race, so jump over the tortoise and enter our world, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.