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Technicolor announces partnership with HopprTV at IBC 2019

Technicolor announces partnership with HopprTV at IBC 2019

18 September 2020 News

Technicolor’s new partnership with Australian interactive technology firm HopprTV — which aims to extend digital advertising capabilities to TV — was praised by HopprTV CEO George Gelavis, who said the development creates a new range of opportunities for Network Service Providers (NSPs) to tap into sustainable streams of revenue.

“While NSPs have long owned and operated the networks and customer premises equipment (CPE) that deliver advertising messages to consumers’ homes, operators have largely been left out of the revenue that is generated,” he said. “We have partnered with Technicolor — one of the world’s largest set-top boxes (STBs) manufacturers — to create HopprTV software for STBs. Working through the Technicolor Hero Program of strategic partners, we have integrated HopprTV into the Android TV operating system that powers Technicolor STBs.”

By deploying Technicolor STBs with installed HopprTV software installed, NSPs will be able to provide advertisers with highly customised and targeted advertising opportunities, by delivering ad content direct to customers’ STBs. Real-time reporting and analytics come with the bargain as well.

“The beauty of this solution is that we can take advantage of the developments in the digital advertising space, where most of the process has been automated. The integrated HopprTV and Technicolor solution eliminates a lot of the complex processes associated with placing advertisements into the market,” Gelavis said.

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