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Often companies can lose touch with their customers once they’ve purchased a device. By continuing the relationship through hoppr, partners and product owners can now enjoy a continued relationship with their customer, learning more about the user and earning revenue through monetisation on devices.

New revenue stream

Increased ARPU

Increased loyalty

hoppr’s unique overlay technology provides advertisers the ability to reach consumers on new real estate across digital devices. hoppr has opened inventory across native mobile apps as well as over the top of never before accessed digital TV devices. With access to first party and device level data, messages can be delivered to the right person at the right time.

100% Viewability

100% Brand Safe

First Party Data

hoppr’s consumer facing products allow customers to benefit from simple, every day use of their phone. By continuing to use their device as normal, users are exposed to relevant messages and unique offers within native device owned apps, earning rewards for everyday use. hoppr provides an opportunity for the customer to continue building a relationship with our partners, while also being part of the overall value exchange.

Access to Unique Offers

Monthly Rewards

Interest-based Messaging

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