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Hoppr Taps Georges Laplanche to Develop Billion Dollar European Programmatic Advertising Market for Network Service Providers

Hoppr Taps Georges Laplanche to Develop Billion Dollar European Programmatic Advertising Market for Network Service Providers

10 February 2021 News


  • Hoppr appoints Georges Laplanche as Head of Network Service Providers and Pay TV Partnerships to drive European expansion of addressable advertising solutions.
  • Mr Laplanche is a former Senior Vice President at Technicolor – a key technology partner for Hoppr – with a strong track record of international business growth and development.
  • The appointment of Mr Laplanche will help Hoppr secure more global partnerships.

Perth, Western Australia – February 10, 2021: Global advertising innovator Hoppr has appointed a renowned international media executive, Georges Laplanche, to spearhead its push into Europe’s US$122 billion TV advertising market.

Hoppr’s services came into global demand in 2020 as COVID-19 lockdowns triggered a surge in digital entertainment, with up to 80% of US households having at least one connected screen, while in Europe the five biggest markets – France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany – market penetration is around 50% and growing.

This is creating an enormous opportunity for Pay TV networks to connect with new audiences and capitalise on the targeted, relevant messaging that Hoppr’s addressable advertising solution brings.

“Hoppr is in the right place at the right time, offering a flexible and audience-focussed addressable advertising solution that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with rich media experiences and interactivity. Georges has a strong track record of generating sales and creating new media opportunities with giants like Technicolor and Alcatel. He will prove invaluable as Hoppr seeks to expand its horizons globally,” said Hoppr’s Co-Chairman Vince Pizzica.

Hoppr has forged strong partnerships with leading advertising and media groups like 3SS, Technicolor and Magnite. Laplanche now will seek to bring Pay TV and Network Service Providers into the company’s orbit, initially in Europe and then to major markets in North America and Asia.

“Hoppr is an exciting company to be a part of, with its solid foundation of innovative technology and creative, boundary-pushing commitment to making advertising an experience that will enhance Pay TV viewing. I look forward to working with the Hoppr team as we seek new opportunities in a time when demand has never been higher for our services,” said Mr Laplanche.

Mr Laplanche spent close to 15 years at Technicolor, working up to Senior Vice President after stints as the Chief Operating Officer of Thomson Telecom, and VP of Enterprise Business Pacific at Nokia-owned Alcatel.

His appointment enhances Hoppr’s drive to become the preferred and most sought-after advertising solution for Connected TV services and Pay TV networks around the world.

To read the entire Q&A with Hoppr’s Georges Laplanche visit:

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