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Hoppr CEO says make 2021 the year of interactive ads

Hoppr CEO says make 2021 the year of interactive ads

29 April 2021 Media Releases


Perth, Western Australia – April 29, 2021: As Connected TV becomes mainstream with record audience growth in 2020, the chief executive of a leading digital advertising start up says networks and advertisers must embrace interactive ads to keep the sector’s extraordinary growth going. 

With global COVID-19 lockdowns, more people than ever switched on Connected TV, with ratings firm Nielsen measuring an 81% increase in global viewership during 2020, while Goldman Sachs observed an accelerating shift in advertising to digital.

Ads shown on Connected TV are usually delivered through two main technologies: Client Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), which allows networks to deploy their own ads before showing content, and Service Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), which stitches ads into the stream.

But with technology advancing and audiences growing rapidly, brands and networks are pushing for technology solutions that combine the best elements of CSAI and SSAI, while offering even more advanced abilities, such as interactive ads.

Hoppr’s Chief Technology Officer Jason Hewson says the binary choice between CSAI and SSAI is no longer relevant now that networks and brands can embrace flexible systems that support highly creative ad experiences, such as HopprTV.

“This focus on solutions rather than systems is evolving ad deployment far beyond simply placing messages around or within content. In addition to seamless ad stitching and pre and post-roll ads, our ad solution HopprTV supports interactive ads that give audiences rich media experiences. In 2020 Connected TV won a huge new audience, and now Connected TV advertising has the chance to make them stay by making interactive ads mainstream as well.” 

In 2020 HopprTV won Gold for Innovation in the 2020 Stevies (the Oscars of business) and is expanding its reach globally in 2021, providing a complete digital advertising solution for networks, brands and audiences.

Read more in Hoppr’s Whitepaper.

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About Hoppr

Based in Australia, Hoppr is a global advertising innovator whose solution extends messaging and branding on digital devices. Hoppr has created unique, interactive technology that delivers new monetization opportunities to network operators without any integration required. Hoppr’s detailed analytics and targeting capabilities allow its agency and brand partners to deliver tailored campaigns to meet their marketing goals. 

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