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HopprTV is reimagining what’s possible within TV advertising by using digital solutions to unlock new inventory for PayTV operators and advertisers. The Solution is a complete overlay that does not require any integration. This means PayTV operators do not need to modify their existing software stack. HopprTV is vendor agnostic and has been successfully integrated and tested on multiple vendor STBs to ensure that our offerings are highly stable and reliable, and can cater for a wide range of needs.

This unique solution supports interactive advertising to drive sales and engagement, with sophisticated analytics that help tailor effective messaging without requiring prior investment from network operators. By leveraging HopprTV’s turnkey offering, which includes not just technology but also ad sales and ad ops, PayTV operators are able to immediately tap into a new revenue stream.

Key Features & Innovations

HopprTV aims to bridge the gap between the needs of PayTV operators, which are under increased revenue pressure from rising content licensing costs; OTT services and viewer discretionary spending pressure; advertisers that want a more measurable way to deliver brand engagement; and audiences who are more discerning of value.



HopprTV’s technology creates new ad inventory within the navigation menu with no development or augmentation needed by PayTV operators. Operators can immediately deploy HopprTV, with the service sitting in the background of the STB or automatically launching upon start up. Carefully targeted advertising placed through HopprTV ranges from static ad messaging at the side of the screen to interactive ad messages that audiences can choose to engage with and preroll ad video - allowing brands to reach their desired audience more effectively. This selective ad targeting, in turn, reduces the overall ad load to viewers.



HopprTV’s analytics and data capabilities enable rich audience segmentation and targeting, in compliance with existing privacy regulations such as GDPR. These services provide deep insights into audience interactions, creating actionable data for tailoring more effective messaging campaigns compared to traditional advertising where only simple measures like ratings and reach can be approximated with a panel. This allows PayTV operators to retain their smooth, personal feel for audiences, while also giving advertisers the opportunity to promote their services in a seamless manner. This is a unique service that is reimagining what is possible for TV advertising and expanding reach to engaged audiences.



HopprTV is not purely a platform that enables ad delivery but rather a turnkey revenue offering which encompasses all functions from ad tech, ad sales to ad operations and measurements. HopprTV’s campaign planning and forecasting platform provides advertiser and agency partners the ability to schedule and buy hyper-targeted advertising to custom audiences by geolocation, viewing behavior (affinity, extrapolation) and other factors like demographics across multiple markets

Unlock new ad revenue opportunities with Hoppr