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3SS and Hoppr join forces to create end-to-end advertising platform for Android TV

3SS and Hoppr join forces to create end-to-end advertising platform for Android TV

18 September 2020 News


  • German software solutions company 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) partners with Australian adtech innovator HopprTV to create new ad platform for Android TV. 
  • Integration unlocks new monetization opportunities for Android TV service providers, while consumers receive relevant, personalized, unobtrusive ads.
  • Using AI-enabled data engine, Android TV service providers can collect and analyze viewer behavior and preferences.

Perth, Australia and Stuttgart, Germany – August, 2020 Australian advertising technology innovator Hoppr and German company 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes and multiscreen entertainment, have joined forces to create an end-to-end monetization platform for Android TV.

The pair have integrated 3SS’s 3READY Custom Launcher with HopprTV to enable new possibilities for advertising and unlock potential for marketing and promotion within the Android TV experience.

Hoppr has pioneered an innovative way of delivering addressable TV advertising with a groundbreaking ad and promotion-serving and playout system that can create and insert flexible overlays in new and unconventional locations within the TV viewing experience.

3SS’ 3READY Custom Launcher complements this capability with high-level targeting, including real-time understanding of what content is being viewed (such as sports, news, etc.) by whom, and on which device. The combined 3SS+HopprTV solution allows precise, dynamic placement of relevant ads and promotions.

As a result of this technical collaboration, operators benefit from new revenue streams, and users enjoy more harmonious viewing, with ads and promotions that are relevant, personalized, and unobtrusive. Advertisers can also measure the performance of their marketing investments and brand engagement to reach audiences who are more likely to accept and understand their sales messages. This targeted solution will improve the user experience by reducing repetitive ads.

“Android TV offers myriad revenue opportunities, with scope far beyond core subscription revenues; advertising and promotion both have huge potential which is, to date, largely untapped,” said Pierre Donath, 3SS Chief Product Officer.

“HopprTV combined with 3READY offers service providers the ability to deliver ads, content and service cross-promotions in all locations across the user experience. Being able to dynamically create offers that are both personalized and unobtrusive enables multiple new business opportunities for service providers,” Donath added.

Using its powerful AI-enabled data engine, HopprTV places advertising tailored to viewer interests. Service providers, meanwhile, can benefit from a wide range of incremental marketing possibilities, such as the ability to display promotions relating to events such as pay-per-view, or cross-content and cross-device packages.

Through HopprTV’s technology, overlay ads and promos can be created in various formats, both video and non-video. These can be designed to be subtle, with customizable shapes, and can display on top of any application in an Android TV service UI, on connected TV or on any other multiscreen device. Ads, download prompts and other promotions, for example, can appear almost anywhere in the UI, such the home screen or synopsis screen, and can take the form of pre-, mid-, and post-roll.

Service providers who build their next-gen entertainment services on Android TV Operator Tier will be able to assess audience engagement with unprecedented clarity to support advanced targeting, including demographics, geo-location, time-of-day, affinity, and pre-defined audience sets in a premium, brand-safe environment.

The end-to-end solution creates new opportunities to leverage next-gen ad formats, including interactive and programmatic ads and also new possibilities for real-time, dynamic and engaging local advertising.

Operators will be able to use HopprTV’s analytics, dashboard and tools to determine where, when, and based on which user actions HopprTV’s customizable ads and promotions will appear in the 3READY-enabled UI. Furthermore, HopprTV’s analytics measure, assess and report on the success and effectiveness of ads and promotions.

HopprTV is unique in this space because it also provides ad inventory. HopprTV works directly and closely with ad agencies as well as media buyers. This means that TV service providers are free from the necessity to invest in deep in-house advertising and agency expertise, while simultaneously the overall revenue opportunity for the pay-TV service is hugely increased.

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