Using their powerful hind legs, rabbits move by hopping. We do the same…kind of. Our team will lead you to hop from concept to application and all that goes on in between.

George Gelavis Chief Executive Officer
He’s the corporate brain to this operation and with 22 years experience in directing and managing companies in both the public and private sector, he’s certainly the man for the job. He’s personally founded three highly successful telecommunication companies – one was even acquired by Vodafone! He ran B Digital Ltd which was the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator business in Australia and helped hop the business into South Africa and the USA. The list of George’s achievements is endless (seriously, like a giant rabbit hole long…) but to put it simply, he’s highly experienced in board management of ASX listed companies, super skilled at acquisitions and mergers and the perfect head hare in our pack of bunnies.


Danika Mullins Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Some call it a sixth sense, others a gift, we at hoppr just call it Dan. She’ll fix the problem you didn’t know you had and make it the most valuable part of your company. Dan has developed her expertise over a long and exciting career. One of her many roles was Executive Marketing; Comms Manager at Harvey Beef where she did all the international marketing, HR and then rolled out a super successful new brand and logo! She then joined the Humanis group as a member of the executive team and was initially responsible for the group’s Marketing and Communications strategy and all promotional and media campaigns across Australia and NZ. She went on to be in the senior teams of various other companies while casually getting some more degrees under her belt (no biggy, but she’s got a Bachelor of Business & Mass Communications, Public Relations, Journalism…). Dan’s resting speed is hopping along at 100 miles per hour which means she’ll always ensure the solution to your problem is delivered.


Michelle Foulkes Senior Marketing Coordinator
MF will take all those big ideas you’ve got and come back with a plan that will get it done. She worked 6 years in advertising agency land where she managed a broad range of clients from government departments to apartment developers. Although she’s small in stature, her skills have grown to now assist with hoppr’s internal marketing, client project planning and execution, social media strategy and management and a whole bunch more. She’ll make sure your project is done right, within budget and on time! 



Jason Hewson Chief Technology Officer
Jason is the technical brains behind the hoppr organisation, recognisable as the bunny with the propeller hat! He will happily talk for hours about technology if you let him! He has a wealth of experience in IT, having designed and delivered technical solutions for some of the biggest companies in Australia including AMP, Citibank, Bunnings and many government institutions in Australia and internationally including State Rail NSW, Department of Agriculture, London Underground and MI5 (Yes, that MI5!). He is passionate about three things – software providing the best UX, cloud computing, and coffee.