hoppr Mobile.

Creating a win-win for advertisers and consumers.

hoppr Mobile is a unique advertising platform that offers brands a new place to share their message to engaged users. It is designed to work on Android mobiles and tablets, overlaying unobtrusive advertisements on under-utilised space in applications.

Our technology also provides deep analytics on mobile phone users’ behaviour and interactions, enabling advertisers to offer relevant content and keeping viewers captivated like never before.

Capturing under-utilised opportunities.

Home screen and SMS are visited 5x more than Facebook or Instagram.

Tried and tested.

Beta testing successfully completed with excellent positive feedback.

Right place, right time, right audience.

Targeted ads based on users’ location, usage, time of day, recent activity and other first-party data.

Unobtrusive Design.

Ads utilise space appropriately, maximising potential for user interaction.


Changing video advertising for the better.

hoppr360 allows not just advertising, but any form of content or communication to appear over live-streamed or pre-recorded video. Utilising our core overlay technology, the product is 100% compatible with mobile devices and has no impact on the streaming quality. This technology also allows real time updates, enabling advertisers to tailor content to the end-user and ensure contextual relevance with the underlying video.

Made for Mobile.

100% mobile compatible, always.

No interruptions. No impact on quality.

Simple OTT integration with existing video and live-streaming technology.

Any message, anytime, anywhere.

Update overlays and call to actions in real-time.

World's first technology.

Enterprise-grade technical and application architecture.

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